Bar Barlovento Ibiza | tradición
Barlovento, Bar Barlovento, Ibiza, Barlovento Ibiza, Tapas, Spain
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The Ferrer Legacy

The Ferrer family is of very rich lineage. Original inhabitants of the emerald isle of Ibiza (‘Eivissa’ in Catalan), Spain – these simple island folk have been there for centuries, growing tangerines, vegetables and olives at their sprawling estate in San Mateo de Aubarca. Often sharing delicious produce and family recipes with travellers, such is their hospitality that they converted their 116 year-old villa into a bomb shelter during World War.

Bar Barlovento

It was many generations later that senor Pepe Ferrer and his wife Cati, decided to bring the family’s gastronomic tradition to the world.
In 1987, Bar Barlovento was born – a family-style restaurant and tapas bar by the marina. ‘Barlovento’ is a nautical term meaning ‘windward’ or ‘up wind’ in Spanish. Little did they know Ibiza would go on to become a haunt for the rich and famous, and that their establishment would become the favorite watering hole to those who parked their million-dollar yachts, just a stones throw away.


Authentic Ibiza

Today, Bar Barlovento embraces the timelessness of the Ibiza lifestyle, manifesting as a complex combination of style and comfort; creating a restful environment, which exudes service, ambience and quality. It serves up authentic Spanish tapas as well traditional dishes found exclusively on the island of Ibiza. Owing to the Ferrer family ancestory, they are the foremost authority on Eivissan cuisine. And naturally, even more exquisite are Cati Ferrer’s closely guarded family recipes, finely crafted over the centuries and handed down from one generation to the next – a tribute to ‘the real soul of Ibiza.’